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July Report 2018


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We had another good month of work. Nothing major to report on. Models were made and things with debugged, coded and polished. Last month we were concentrating on making the NPCs feel more alive. So they animate more when they talk, some have their schedules in already etc.



- NPCs mouths when they talk.
- They move and animate when they talk
- They follow a schedule and walk around town
- More NPC voices have been added in the game


Assets and Environment

As per usual more assets that neede to be modeled for buildings and the world. I've done a lot of work putting together one of the caves which is close to being finished.
Thanks again guys for your suppose. Sorry for the lackluster report, but we're just focusing really hard on getting the game ready release and most of it is polish. Nothing crazy new. Thanks again for your support.

Forums and Social Closed.

I am closing down the forums and social aspect of the website, just because as the creator I don't really use them, and it's much easier to interact and share content via Discord instead. Also having things like this on a website attracts a lot of bots and I don't want to deal with it. I may reopen it later, but for now I encourage everyone to join us on Discord.


Goals for August

- Set up more NPC related things
- Set up and fix up the shops.
- More NPC writing
- Polish and more bug fixes.

So consider following us on Discord


Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

Pumpkin News

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