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October Report 2017


oct report illus




October was another good month of development. Most of Ocotber was doing bug fixes, and trying to make the systems we have in place functioning for the player.  

New Beta Release Deadline

So we have to push our deadline back by a few more months because we are not ready to release yet. The new release date we are hoping is Summer 2018.

I know some of you can't wait to start playing, BUT there is no way we are releasing without making sure it's mostly bug free, functioning and fun. We currently have a lovely team of volunteer alpha testers who are pointing out not just bugs, but ways to make the game more fun and based on their feedback we still have a lot of work to do. The game won't be released unless we can gain approval from the testers first. Then Kickstarter backers will be the next to play the game, then we will release on Steam.   

Developmemt So Far (Special thanks to Jayden to being patient and working out all these issues)


- Bug fixes in character customization

- Bug fixes for the animals
- Bug fixes for the tutorials and talking to the NPCs
- Bug fix for fishing
- Bug fixes for the farm tutorials
- Bug fixes for the furniture shop
- Bug fixes for the animal shop

- Added settings for graphics

- Added settings for sound

- Added in a bunch of textures for the hair models in character customization. (Nearly all the hair styles have colors except 3)
- Added in ponytail hairstyles 
- Added in eyelashes and their colors as an option

- Added in 30+ more mouth options
- Added in some new furniture and the furniture shop
- Wallpaper can now we bought at the store
- Added a few new models in the game world

- Edited the game map to have the names of buildings and streets



 - Added in graphics settings 
We are currently testing to see how this affects the fps of the game on different computers. This way a wider rage of computers can run the game by giving them a fps bump by turning down some settings like texture, anti-alias and shadows. 

- Added in sound settings
Since we have started added in sound we deifnitely needed a way to turn them off. 




 What we're working on next.

- More work on the animals

- Writing NPC dialogue

- More options for cheeks in character customization
- Working on quests

- bug fixes (as per usual)


Wish us luck. Thanks so much for the support!

If you wish to chat with directly join our discord server. You can also access our developer updates with screenshots and behind the scenes information. 



Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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