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September Report 2017








Hi guys! We've had another very fruitful month of development. Fixed a lot of bugs and now we have some amazing alpha testers helping us out with bugs and letting us know how to make Pumpkin Online a fun experience. We still have a lot of work to do, but work and progress is excellent! 


Developmemt So Far


It's kind of a lot so I'll just write it like this:
- Added extra tutorials for camera and movement
- Added a functioning map that tracks quests and the player
- Added tutorials for how to use inventory, farm and place furniture
- Worked on balancing the fishing game 

- Worked on fishing anywhere in the river
- Added extra hairstyles with ponytails in character customization
- Added new mouths in character customization
- Fixed some more bugs

- Added sound effects and some music
- Added some new models for items like milk and cheese
- Modelled some more trees
- Added some more trees in the world and did some environment building
- When through nearly all of the UI and polished it up with new windows and buttons.
- Added in the different color textures for the animals
- Added a bunch of jam icons I had been procrastinating (Thank you Cutemo)
- Added in a bunch of descriptions for items (Thank you Prismshard)
- Added in some hair icons for character customization

So we did quite a bit of work this time around and we're looking forward to another productive month.


 What we're working on next.

- More character customization options for the eyes and hair
- Fully functioning animals
- Texturing the hair models
- Adding in more models and items
- Building the world more
- Either more quests or more work on fishing 


Wish us luck. Thanks so much for the support!

If you wish to chat with directly join our discord server. You can also access our developer updates with screenshots and behind the scenes information. 



Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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