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March Report 2016


news march  No Demo Video This Month




Wow so sorry for the super late update. We are already well passed the middle of April. We had our hands full promoting Steam Greenlight, which we did get in! Thank you to everyone who voted, commented and helped us get in. As for development, as much as I would like to keep up with our tradition of posting monthly development videos we haven't worked on anything visually impressive for a video this month. Most of the work we have been doing has been backend, data entry, a ton of bug fixes and linking up systems we've already shown before. However, we've been making really good progress. 

Steam Integration

After being Steam Greenlit Jayden wasted no time integrating Steam into the game. The Steam UI is set up and we implemented and tested Steam achievements for the future when we get to those proper. If a player hosts a game their friends can also find and instantly join them via a list generated by Steam. Local to Local multiplayer isn't the most reliable but the good news is we also set it up so players can run their own dedicated servers if they'd like.  


Multiplayer Server Setup Complete

Like I mentioned we had to fix a ton of bugs which is super important. 

However we set up and tested multiplayer successfully, which is a big deal since that's the main pitch of our game. We would like players to be able to set up their own dedicated servers without relying on us either on their own computers or via another server hosting place such as Digital Ocean. That's all been successfully set up and taken care of. We still have more bugs to tackle in multiplayer, mostly visual glitches, before it is ready to show off proper which is why we are skipping the video this month. 


Other Things Being Worked On

We changed how some of the shops work a bit. We'll be working on populating them with items this month and so hopefully for our early playtesters they will have more they can do. We've also been working out the pricing and stamina for the items as well. Doesn't sound very impressive but we have over 1000 items in the game so, it's a lot of work. NPC dialogues are being worked on and we're pretty much finished with the key characters for Pumpkinvale so we are moving on to Wahoo Beach characters. I'm also trying to see if we can squeeze in caves and mining for our Beta release, so I'm in the process of creating two caves.

As I mentioned nothing really we can make a video out of, but hopefully we can show more interesting things next month. Thanks so much for your support!



Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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