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May Report 2016



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Progress still going well

It's very difficult to answer with something interesting when someone asks "How is Pumpkin Online going" All I can say is that it's going. Thankfully, no major issues thus far and we're just developing things as we can with each month. We're not in the beginning stages of development however we are not close to completion of Beta just yet. This month's report seems short because instead of working on multiple things at once we are narrowing our focus. 


Finishing up Farming System

Last month Jayden was worked on finishing up the farming system. That included:


- Making a functioning watering-can you can gather water in

- A water meter to see how much water the watering can has

- Crops need to be watered in order to grow

- Crops wilt when not watered

- Crops can be harvested when clicked on and they are in the fruit stage

- A functioning well which you can gather water from.


What we need to work on now is the tedious task of building the assets so we have each plant at all four stages, and their corresponding fruit/vegetable.


Finished up Cook Book

Jayden also finished up the cookbook by adding in experimenting. This way if you have all the ingredients, but not the recipe you can still make and unlock it.





Other things being worked on

 - More character animations, we are also done with all the necessary animations for Beta

 - Working on clothes for the body morphs

 - Texturing the towns and the buildings 


These things above will be an ongoing process, with the animations hopefully being finished by August and the clothes and town being worked on until the end of the year.

We also have new music being made for Wahoo Beach, however I am holding out from releasing those until the game release. It'll be a surprise.  



What we have lined up to work on for next month!
- Character customization

- NPC dialogue

- More clothes

- More animations

- More textures



Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

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