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shibaki kun

Time for another month of what we've been up to.  After much debugging and screwing up we finally, FINALLY got our character model, animations and dynamic body parts down. 


Game Design


Much of our game design has been thought out, the key thing we need to do to start working on the systems is make sure our character is solid so we can test with it. Much of the game design discussion this month was about how to handle NPCs and unlike a single player game how we can spread everyone out in a multiplayer world so we don't have 900 players in town at one time. So still more work but we're pretty close.


Asset creation


Still working on some more furniture sets, but now that our world is nearly set up we can possibly start working on assets to start building our towns, so plans would be underway for that in April and hopefully we can finally! finally see the world start coming together. 



Map creation


All the parts for the world have been set up, we just have to go through a tediuos process of stitching them together for seamless linking. Seamless linking is this neat feature HeroEngine has that pretty much removes load screens bewteeen maps. Special thanks to Sarrene from Triad games for helping us set that up. 






Got some new songs, and once we are close to completing the soundtrack for the Central Town we plan to release a digital album to raise more money. It's going to look like Summer-ish when that may be possible so keep on a look out for that. The music is fantastic!


Character animation


Good news and bad news. Good news is we worked out most of the bugs and figured out how to set up the entire basic character as well as the clothing slots and parts. Bad news is Mark's computer died and he has to replace it so no more work until that is sorted out :( So that's going to be unpredictable for what we can get done for that next month. However, check out this video of test clothing slots we made, as well as the basic environment we shall be working from. 


2015 03 16 13 38 06 HeroBlade

Sneak Peek at what the Character Creation screen may look like. (Screenshot taken in the GUI editor in engine)
It has already been set up and just needs the character to be completed.


Icons and UI


We fell behind on that this month, but hopefully next month we can bounce back and complete the flower icon set and move on to something else.


Kickstarter Report


Mailed out a bunch of packages during my time off in March. And I feel really close to having mailed out everything in the $20 reward tier. Still fingers crossed by the end of Summer I hope to have all the postcards and buttons mailed out :) and hopefully I shall mail out some more in April. Maybe I can finish the $20 tier in April that would be great!

Goals for next month


Since Mark is going to be out of commission for awhile character customization may be on a halt for a bit. In the meanwhile we can focus out attention to other parts of the game

- Catch up on the icons
- Start planning out the towns and world buildings

- Further work on the Game Design

- More music

- Clean up the website

Yeah this website has been kind of messy lately with the pages and informations. So I'm hoping to update that in April. 
Thanks so much for your support and following us, we shall keep you posted.


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