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pumpkinjackstal smallHey guys time for our February report on how things have been going. They have been slower than usualy but, progress is always being made on all ends so let's see where we are.

Game Design


Still a lot of tweaking discussing debating over different features in the game. We asked two questions we were discussing concerning marriage and npc dialogue in games. We don't ask these questions unless we're having an even debate on which path we should go. Since this type of game hasn't quite been done before we don't really have that much of an example to go off of to see what works and what doesn't. So we rely on input from our possibly future players to let us know what they are expecting from us. Once we have more features locked down then we can reveal things we know we are going to have int he game for sure. But as an indie company we're very careful about what we promise. 







Character Animation



Special thanks to Mark for constantly being available to all the fixes and edits we've have to do for the character. We have a pretty good idea how we are breaking up the character for customization as well as all of the rigging parts we will need for the final. Hopefully by next month we will have the character fully planned out and be ready to start extensive testing on various clothes and possibly facegen.



Asset Creation


We have 7/50 furniture sets done. Doesn't sound like much but each set has at least 30 types of furniture in them (bed, chairs, fridge etc.) So realistic Jeremy has worked on roughly over 100 models already. We have another modeler on board at the moment so hoepfully those can be knocked out. We'll reveal the furniture sets later.


Map Creation


Map creation has started we have the entire map planned out on a grid and all the areas have been planned. Now we're setting up the textures and areas in the game world. Nothing worth showing as of yet may be another 2 months before we have something interesting to show of the Beta game world. 




Clark has been making excellent progress on the music. We have 16/24 of the songs fo the Central Music done. The soundtrack consists of multiple songs throughout the day for every season. We're thinking once the Central Album is done we may release an album of it


Icons and UI


We've got another set of items done 81/81 Gems Ores drawn and ready to go. Next we'll be working on flowers which may take about 2 months because we have 0/

Kickstarter Report


Sadly I wasn't able to get any more things mailed out in February but I took a week and a half off and I hope to catch up on mailing out more postcards and buttons. Sorry again guys for the wait. Pretty much doing this solo but I think it's worth it.

Goals for next month


- Entire World Areas laid out

- Textures for map planned 

- Get at least 50% with the flower icons
- More Game Design

- More Characters
- More Music
- More Furniture sets

- Finalize all the parts and slots for character customization
- Character animations 'finished'

Thanks for all your support let's see what happens in March!


Special thanks to Sarrene and Keeper. Sarrene and Keeper are our angels helping us with debugging and art. If you can send a note or leave comment saying thanks. Like seriously we would not have come this far without her she is great.




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