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Concept art by Fa-rend  

World of Pumpkin Online


We want the world of Pumpkin Online to be larger than any other farming sim game. It takes about 15 mins to walk from one end of our map to the other, and that's not including hills, obstacles and accounting for the landmass on either side. Even though it will be big we aim to fill it with lots of content. Cool looking decor, forests, secrets and many things to collect and forage for. Here is a brief decription of different areas in the map. 


 Diamond Falls


As a player Diamond Falls is one of the main towns you can live it.

It's located in a high altitude mountain covered in snow. Don't worry,

through the blessings of the spirits, farmers can still grow some crops.

However, the town is best known for it's ore rich mines.





Wahoo Beach 


As a player, Wahoo Beach is one of the main towns you can

choose to live in. It's a beautiful balmy beach town which is

perfect for growing tropical crops as well as ocean fishing.  







As a player, Pumpkinvale is one of the main towns you can

choose to live in. It's up on a slight hill surrounded by beautiful plains.

It's the central part of the region that's not too cold nor too warm. 






You can't live here, but it's an interesting place to go

exploring. It's said a wicked witch lives in the the swamps.




Spoonie Island


A special island for Kickstarter backer Jennifer Fischer.

And beautiful island to the west of Spoonie Island with

a special purpose!