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What Engine are you using

We are using Unreal 4.

Are there any plans for beekeeping?

Yes, but it will be later in development.

How is Pumpkin Online not a Social game?

At first our game looks like it's more of a social game than an multiplayer game. Some key things that set it apart are:

1. Most of the gameplay can be done solo or with NPCs. 
2. There are skill based activities that you can level up in. 
3. There are achievements and item completion goals. 

Will we be able to create animal people?

We currently don't have plans for that right now. That would need to be an expansion later development.

Will there be magical elements in Pumpkin Online?

Yes there will be, it is still in development and will be revealed later.

What is character creation going to be like?

Charcter creation will start with a 'base' character and you will add whatever features available, regardless of gender. Features include but are not limited to; hair, breasts, hips, clothes to name a few. 

What are the core game features ?

The core features of our game are:
- Farming on your own private farm
- Customizating your character with limited restrictions and non-binary options
- Decorating your house and farm
- Dating and building relationships with NPCs
- Crafting

- Quests

What platform will this be on?

Currently on PC only.

How are pronouns going to work?

Rarely would an NPC would have to refer to the player in the third person. If they should 'they' will be used univerally for everyone.

Can you create characters with disabilities?

We are creating NPC characters with disabilities. However due to budget and time constraints we cannot have any disabilities that may change the way the character moves or interact with objects. 

Are there plans to give benefits to people who chose not to marry?

Not currently at the moment. There are many other activities and things a player can enjoy and do without getting married or even dating.

Will there be options for asexual relationships?

We currently do not have plans for this. You can either do a romantic questline or a best friend questline platonic Love. However we don't plan to have much physical affection shown in game. 

Can I date other players?

Can I date other players?

Who are the characters you can marry?

You can date and marry most characters except; the elderly, NPCs that are already or have ben marries, and children. To see characters revealed so far that are dateable visit our character gallery.

Will there be polyamorous relationships as an option in the game?

Currently it is not planned. It will be considered later, once the other dating mechanics are balanced. However players are free to have polyamorous relationships amongst each other and date multiple NPCs at the same time.