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YouTube And Custom Art

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Pumpkin Seedling

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YouTube And Custom Art

Post#1 » Sep 08, 2017 1:12 pm

will you be able to have where you can watch YouTube and add your own pictures on the walls in your house I know vside and playtown had some similar features? I would like to see some sort of tv object where you can turn on the tv and watch YouTube or twitch with your friends also it would work if you had some friends online and you had a big screen tv Ive played garry's mod there's the playx thing that you can use for YouTube? Now about the art I like games where I can import my own art into the game or link something to a picture object and make an art gallery there was a mod for Rust that did that me and my friends did a big gallery with some funny photoshops of the guildies but ill start following this game here and on steam if you get a page there but thanks and I look forward to testing this when it comes out?

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