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Oops I never introduced myself!

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Oops I never introduced myself!

Post#1 » Jul 28, 2017 4:57 pm

Thought for sure that I had, but I guess not! Anyway, my name is Ana, and I've been following Pumpkin Online since I found information about it on tumblr years ago while looking for a new life sim/crafting type game to play. Pumpkin Online wasn't even totally in development at the time, but all the things it aspired to be were right up my alley, so I decided to do a bit of signal boosting and participate in the kickstarter. Since then, the game development has FAR exceeded my expectations in EVERY way! I'm so excited to take a test drive through it when the closed beta comes out, and even more excited to be able to finally play it with friends! The fact that the game is so inclusive is possibly my favorite thing about it, and definitely something that several of my friends are drawn to as well! I know that jerks and trolls see it as a "gimmick" or lazy development, but those of us who are actually interested in playing the game definitely do not feel that way. We realize that what the dev team is doing is fairly revolutionary in gaming, and that they are committed to making the most inclusive and positive game that they can. And I got that feeling from day 1, which is why I'm still here 2+ years later!

Anyway, you can find me in various places online with this username. My icon is (someone else's) art of my Animal Crossing mayor from a few years ago. If possible, I'd love to recreate them in Pumpkin Online! But we shall see. ;D

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