Fanart Contest

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shibaki kunThanks for checking out our fanart contest. To help us spread the word around about our

game we are holding a fanart contest.


DEADLINE: April 30th


Pumpkinvale Characters
Diamond Fall Characters
Wahoo Beach Characters


Contest Rules

- Has to have our characters in it.

 - Can’t include characters from other existing games or shows.

 - You need to post your fanart somewhere (Deviantart, Tumblr etc.)

 - You need to mention us in your post so people can find us.

 - You can submit as many as you like

 - Can't be over PG 13 in rating

 - Deadline April 30th

- Not necessary but it would be nice if you included a link to our steam greenlight page


Contest Rules for us

 - We try to reblog all acceptable fanart on our tumblr with credit to the artist

 - We will not use your fanart for profit or merchandise

 - We will not reprint or use fanart for promotional material without permission from the artist


(Will not be delivered via post, paypal preferred)


1st place : $100

2nd place: $50 (unlocked if we get 20 entries)

3rd place: $50 (unlocked if we get 30 entries)



To increase your chances at winning we look for these things when judging:

- Pictures that show a lot of character or personality.

- Characters drawn match their personalities mentioned in profile.

Using details mentioned in their character profiles.

Full color

Group pictures

Good/ Sophisticated use of color (value, contrast,  etc.)

Characters interacting with each other

Artist spent time drawing a background/ environment to put the characters in.


Remember this contest is to help us spread the word about our game. We humbly request your participation if you can. We love and appreciate all fanart.

We will not be using your fanart for profit or promotional materials without your permission. If you have any questions send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Illustration done by Shibaki-kun who placed in our first contest in 2015



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